How does it work?

To purchase a product simply find the item you would like, click the buy button and choose your payment method. Simple!

Delivery is free to England, Wales and Scottish Lowlands. For delivery costs to other areas please contact us on info@sbstore.org.

There are two possible ways to pay for a product

  1. by applying for affordable credit
  2. by paying online with your credit/debit card

Essential household items, such as white goods (washing machines, cookers, fridges, freezers etc) smaller electrical equipment and furniture.

If you don’t find what you’re looking for on the The Smarterbuys Store site, contact a member of The Smarterbuys Store team at info@sbstore.org.

If you’re a customer and want to buy something, you simply register for free.
If you’re a landlord and want to promote it to your tenants, please contact us at info@sbstore.org to discuss the various options we offer.

  • For any problems using the The Smarterbuys Store site, contact us via email info@sbstore.org, or by telephone on 0191 565 6216.
  • For credit application queries, email info@sbstore.org or telephone 0300 500 0975
  • For customer order queries only, email info@sbstore.org or telephone 01207 523182 (please quote your order number on all correspondence)

You should also always check and read carefully the terms and conditions specific as these include important information that you need to know before purchasing.

If you don’t have internet access at home, talk to your housing provider about the locations in your community where you can get free internet access such as your local library, or free internet cafes, or even maybe in your local housing office or credit union office.

The Smarterbuys Store can also be contacted via telephone on 0300 5000975.

No, not at present, but the site has been designed to be smartphone friendly, so you can access it via your smartphone.

The Smarterbuys Store (www.sbstore.org) was developed specifically for social housing tenants of Dale and Valley Homes, Karbon Homes and Durham City Homes to access affordable credit through the support of their landlord.

If you are not a tenant of these landlords, please contact your landlord to see if they are participating in this scheme.

Anyone can purchase products through The Smarterbuys Store using a credit/debit card.

No, not at all. The Smarterbuys Store will focus on providing essential household items, and if you need to get credit to purchase them, we want to encourage a low interest responsible borrowing route which will consider your financial affordability.

Accessing credit through The Smarterbuys Store also promotes savings of 25p a week into a savings account opened on your behalf, which can be taken out as cashback or transferred to a savings account in your local credit union at the end of your loan.

We require your landlord information to assist us in processing your credit application.

If you are not applying for credit through this site, this information will enable us to offer better deals to you in your area in the future.

If you have forgotten your password, in the log in section of the website select the ‘Forgot Password?’ You will then be asked to enter your email address, once you have done this an email will be sent to you with a link to follow which allows you to change your password.

If you would like to delete your account for any reason email the The Smarterbuys Store team at info@sbstore.org with your details.

During the credit application process, The Smarterbuys Store will contact your landlord to confirm your tenancy and carry out rent account checks, a credit reference search will also be undertaken during the process. You may also be required to provide the following documents:

  • 6 months bank statements
  • 2 forms of identification
  • income/expenditure information
  • home contents insurance certificate

No, we do not have a store at current.

The product supplier will make arrangements for your delivery either using their own delivery vans, or a courier service. Once you have paid for your goods, the supplier will contact you to arrange a convenient delivery day.

For any queries regarding delivery you can contact a member of the The Smarterbuys Store team by email info@sbstore.org or telephone on 0300 500 0975.

It is important that you are available at the relevant address at the time you agree with the supplier.

We try our very best to let our customers know of any potential delay as soon as possible.

Unfortunately, delays can happen which are often beyond our control. If this means your order cannot be delivered on the confirmed delivery date, we will let you know as soon as we know of any delay. Please check that you have not received any further emails or text messages from us with updates on the progress of your order.

If you have not received any notification you can contact a member of The Smarterbuys Store team via email at info@sbstore.org or telephone 0300 500 0975.

This is only available on large white goods, please ensure that you select this option prior to checkout. For many household waste items your local council may remove them, this is often free of charge, contact the waste removal department in your local authority for more information.

All the products we supply will come with a manufacturer’s guarantee or warranty. For any product-related problems, you should contact a member of The Smarterbuys Store team by email info@sbstore.org or telephone on 0300 500 0975.

This is subject to various criteria, such as but not limited to, your landlords participation in the scheme, as well as affordability and credit checks. You will be taken through the application process by a member of The Smarterbuys Store team.

Yes, for separate hire purchase agreements depending on circumstances.

If you’re struggling with debt and would like some free, independent advice there are a number of websites you can visit:

Get in touch with us here at the Prince Bishops Community Bank on 01207232351 for advice.

The Smarterbuys Store is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, reference number FRN71376.