How To Improve Your Credit Score
9th July 2020

How To Improve Your Credit Score

How To Improve Your Credit Score

Thanks for choosing to shop with Smarterbuys Store. If you have recently been rejected for an item on finance we are here to help!

Part of the Smarterbuys Store process is discussing ongoing applications with customers, to ensure they have a repayment schedule that works for them.

We wanted to share our top proven tips on improving your credit score to help your application:

1. Keep an eye on your score: Carry out a FREE credit report with Experian or Clearscore.

2. Get yourself onto the electoral roll: This simple registration will make a huge impact on your score and only takes minutes. Register here.

3. Pay off any remaining debt: Communication suppliers such as the ones that you may have your mobile contract with are big cause of bad credit scores. Small amounts of debt like £50, £75 and less, sitting on an account as defaulted amounts make a massive difference, try to pay these off first, or as quickly as possible, to significantly improve your score.

4. Continue with any CCJ payments: What if you can’t pay? Check out this helpful article from Step Change.

5. Communicate: If anyone says they are going to take you to court ring them and talk through: arrangements can always be made and debt collectors want to work with you.

When you’re ready to progress, view our wide range of items and apply for your Smarterbuys Store product!