Living room colours
29th March 2021

The Biggest Colour Trends for Your Living Room for 2021 

The Biggest Colour Trends for Your Living Room for 2021 

This week we have been exploring the biggest trends in living room colours to help you revamp your home this Spring! 

One of the biggest trends that seems to be reappearing all over our living room walls are the neutrals.  

From shades of natural cream, beige and stone, to colours inspired from lockdown walks in the countryside, like ocean and sky blues, or uplifting sage greens. After a year spent in lockdown, we have all been finding a little more time to try and relax, so it makes sense that more calming and soothing tones are coming back into trend this year. The cobalt blue burnt orange and mahoganies of past trends are being switched up for baby blues, terracotta and dusky pink shades.   

However, for those of you who still want to add a little bit of vibrancy to your living room while keeping the chic elegance of neutrality, there are some nice and easy ways to do so! Accessories are one of the easiest ways of adding some colour to your living space. You can boost your space with some vivid decor, like rose-coloured vintage vases, gold framed hanging mirrors, and eccentric wall art. For something a little bigger, why not add a juniper-coloured sofa, or add some teal trunks that can double-up as storage and a coffee table. For a little pop of colour you can add some vibrant, textured scatter cushions across your sofas.  

Recently, one of the most popular ways of giving your living spaces an extra bit of radiance is through the use of houseplants. Houseplants vary in shape and size, and they also can bring a variety of bright colours in their leaves. When choosing your houseplants, you can pick up a plant pot with some wacky colours or funky patterns to get a small burst of vibrancy.  

Another great way to bring colour to your sitting rooms is by investing in some chic and snazzy rugs. Rugs are one of the most stylish ways to add some subtle hues, whether you choose to go bold with colour and texture, or keep is simple with some modern patterns. 

Finally, accent armchairs are a classy and fashionable way to add a little something to your living room. Even if you go for a classic style and colour, you can switch up the fabric to make it stand out while also bringing the room together. Alternatively, you could try being a little adventurous and go for something a little brighter by choosing some bright tropical-style patterns or quirky colours, like candy pink or sapphire blue. A great way to tie your room together when going for something a little bolder is by combining your chosen colour of armchair to the scatter cushions on your sofa.  

There is a multitude of fun ways to jazz up your living space while keeping it as a calm space to relax on a Sunday afternoon. Finding your personal style is all about experimenting, and grabbing little bits and pieces from current trends to keep your post-lockdown guests inspired by your charming space for weeks!