Kid’s Bedroom
21st April 2021

The Best Ways to Freshen Up Your Kid’s Bedroom

The Best Ways to Freshen Up Your Kid’s Bedroom 

Decorating children’s bedrooms can be challenging. You want to keep some fun decor while also maintaining a decluttered space. Kids spend a lot of time in their rooms, it’s for playing and having fun as well as bedtime.  

The easiest place to start is with a colour scheme, and often asking your child to decide on a colour will give them a connection to their revamped bedroom! Once you have decided on a colour scheme you can start picking some furniture to match. An important aspect to remember when choosing furniture is storage. A lot of kid’s beds and desks now come with built-in storage, after all the collection of toys will have to go somewhere! And while everyone knows how painful it can be to accidentally step on a Lego brick, extensive storage space is definitely a necessity for any kid’s bedroom.  

Carpets are always a go-to for any child’s bedroom, it will help cushion any falls. However, carpets in a kid’s bedroom can be slightly daunting over fears of stains and spillages, a solution for this could be to go for a patterned style carpet to help hide those blemishes until your children are old enough to control their spills and mess!  

You can also try some DIY and give up-cycling a go! By purchasing furniture from antique shops or on online second-hand marketplaces you can freshen up some older pieces of furniture while also cutting costs and creating something completely unique.  

If you’re looking to jazz up the room with some colours or art, wall decals are a fantastic idea to add something a bit stylish and trendy.  

Or, if you’re feeling more like something a little easier to add to the walls you can frame up some simple, yet educational, framed art. 

If you’re struggling for space and want your little one to have a study space for homework, try a high-rise bed. This will give you extra floor space underneath, which can fit a desk or be turned into a reading nook! 

Here at Smarterbuys Store we have a fantastic range of high and mid sleepers in a range of colours to suit any home. 

There’s a multitude of ways to give your kid’s bedroom a little revamp, whether it’s to make it a little more age appropriate or just for a little freshening up. It will be a space for their creativity to shine, fun memories to be made, and especially a space for dreaming.