Top TV Brands
8th April 2021

The Top TV Brands for Binge-Watching, Gaming, Sports and More!

Thinking of purchasing a new TV to keep you and the family entertained? Look no further than our incredible range of 4K Ultra HD top TV brands.

When looking for a new TV it’s important to know what you want. Do you want a Smart TV so you can catch up with all the programmes you’ve missed? Or are you looking for some high-quality viewing with 4K? Once you have this figured out you can take a look at our fabulous range and find the perfect TV for you.

Our most popular TV is the Samsung 65” 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV. It’s wonderful for watching the latest films on Netflix or Disney+, especially with sound settings that automatically adjust to suit whatever you’re watching. With the some of the most cutting-edge technology, the ultra-fast Crystal Processor 4K will deliver some of the sharpest, clear pictures. And as well as all of this, the TV is also Alexa compatible, meaning you can use your voice to change to channel or even to find the remote control if it goes missing!

Another one of our highly popular models is the Toshiba 65” Smart 4K Ultra HD TV, which comes with a one-year manufacturer warranty. This TV comes with Toshiba’s TRU Picture technology, which gives you highly detailed, smooth viewing, with resolution scaled to the highest degree. This also includes Micro-Dimming, which is used to deepen the contrast in within picture, creating astonishing imagery.

If you’re looking for something a little smaller size-wise, our Panasonic 55” 4K Ultra HD TV could be the one for you! With all the detail and high resolution of the larger models, this TV is perfect for sports viewing, whether it’s the Premier League or the Cricket. With Dolby Vision, you will have impeccable colour accuracy with maximum screen optimisation. This TV model also comes with two USB and four HDMI inputs, wonderful for your Amazon Fire sticks and any other Smart TV products you can add to make the most of your TV.

Finally, the LG 65” Smart 4K Ultra HD TV comes with a variety of extras, including HDR, Ultra Surround and Filmmaker Mode. High-Definition Resolution (HDR) goes hand in hand with 4K and HD to make your pictures even more breath-taking. Ultra Surround gives you that cinema experience at home, putting you right at the centre of film. What is Filmmaker Mode? The mode was introduced to 2020 TV models after many Hollywood directors said that modern televisions motion smoothing ruined the quality of movies. The new addition stops motion smoothing while correcting the aspect and frame ratio, and since its release it has received praise from many famous directors including the likes of Martin Scorsese and Christopher Nolan. The LG TV also includes ThinQ AI, which gives you your own personal voice assistant!

Hopefully this can help you decide which of all technological luxuries suit you best, whether that’s the highest of definitions or your own personal voice assistant.